News roundup for Pearl Divers.
AJ Walker joins the band on guitar

AJ joins Pearl Divers on guitar. He's billed as one of the best guitarists in Manchester.

If you don't believe us go check out his Steve Vai covers. You'll be hearing a lot from him! 

E.P Released with German Shepherd Records.

 The E.P features Sunshine, Smoking Gun, and Waterfall. You can pick up a copy on Bandcamp and Spotify

 Great gig at Seven Miles Out. Upcoming gigs on the Gigs page. We're moving towards some live filming of our set, and video shoots in the works. I'm busy working on a video workflow to make use of our new HD camera, and projector, including a laptop dedicated to video running Resolume VJ software. So expect to see us around in these provinces filming random crap. Pearl Divers appears regularly on Chat and Spin Radio, Tyne and Wear. Looking forward to working with Steve Fitzhulme of TwoBlindMen on the videos for the demo.

The band have started recording their first album.

We started recording our first album recently with Conor Lawrence and Liam Guant, Manchester. 

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